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Service Guide

Service Guide at Visitor Service Center 

Dear guests:

Welcome to our Sakura Town! To ensure you a pleasant and enjoyable journey, our Visitor Center provides you with the following services:

1. Travel information, reference checking and online browsing services.

2. Medical, postal and telecommunications services, services concerning film and television viewing, custody of personal valuables, etc.

3. Accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping, ticketing, e-commerce and other services.

4. Tour guide and audio guide services.

5. Consultation and customer complaint services.

6. Wheelchairs, walking sticks, and baby carriages for people with needs.

If you have any suggestions, please call the service and complaints hotline (Tel: 0573-85828528)

We are dedicated to your service, and wish you a pleasant trip!


Notice to Visitors

1. Please travel in a civilized way, try to maintain environmental sanitation. Please take your garbage away, do not spit, nor litter. Please consciously abide by public order and behave yourself in public. Do not make noises in the scenic spot, nor stand in others’ way by walking abreast with your partners.

2. Please take care of your valuables and personal belongings during your tour. Non-valuables that are inconvenient to carry can be kept at the depositary.

3. Please pay attention to safety warnings, and follow the travel instructions. Please don’t climb or cross over the railings. Never step into an area that is still unavailable to the public. Please don’t monkey around. Mind your step while going up and down the steps

4. Please don’t carry hazardous articles such as inflammable and explosive materials into the scenic spot. Open fire is strictly forbidden in the scenic spot for barbecues, campfires, fireworks and firecrackers.

5. Please protect the environment of the scenic spot. Swimming, fishing or other behavior that may pollute the water body are strictly forbidden in the scenic spot. Behaviors that may damage the public facilities are strictly forbidden in the scenic spot, including trampling the grass, picking flowers, twigs and fruits.

6. Please refrain from superstitious activities, and refuse porn, gambling, or taking drugs.

Notice to Visitors Concerning Rental Services

For the sake of tourist convenience, rental services are provided at the Visitor Center, where visitors can rent wheelchairs, walking sticks, baby carriages, umbrellas, etc. You need to be aware of the following rules concerning our rental services:

1. Disabled or elderly people over 70 years old and having difficulty in moving about can rent a wheelchair or a walking stick at the Visitor Center.

2. Rental services of baby carriages are available for neonates to three-year-olds.

3. Umbrella rental service is provided for tourists during rainy weather.

4. The rental service for all the above-mentioned items is available from 8:30 to 16:30 every day, and the return procedures must be completed prior to 16:30 on the day of use.

5. Those who are eligible for rental services are required to handle the rental procedures. At the time of renting, one must produce his/her valid ID.

6. Items available for rental services are rented free, charged with only rental deposit. The renter shall compensate in accordance with the charged deposit standard for any damage or loss that occurs during the rental process, except for force majeure.

7. The renter shall follow the rules and regulations of the scenic spot, and shall undertake responsibility by himself/herself for the personal injury or property loss resulted from the improper use of the items.


Cash deposit standard:

walking sticks

50 yuan/piece


50 yuan/pair

baby carriages

300 yuan/one


1000 yuan/one