The Old Site of the New Fourth Army\\\\\\\'s Northern Withdrawal Command

The Old Site of the New Fourth Army's Northern Withdrawal Command is located at No. 4 of Xiatang Street, Zhongdai community, north of Zhongdai River and east of Heang Bridge, With three rooms’ width and two rooms’ depth. It is a beam-lifting dwelling in the Ming Dynasty(A.D.1368-1644)and originally it was a private house of landlords. 


In October of 1945, when the New Fourth Army withdrew northward through Zhongdai Town, the commander of the Eastern Zhejiang Column He Kexi and the deputy commander Zhang Junsheng had once been in this place to discuss issues of the northward withdrawal. In 2004, it was listed as the cultural relics protection site of Pinghu City, and in 2015, it was listed as the cultural relics protection unit of Pinghu City.



In 2014, it was invested to be rebuilt by Zhongdai Street, and a sculpture of commander He Kexi was placed there. The first floor was set as Party Pioneer Station, where red education activities were developed. The second floor is a theme exhibition for the New Fourth Army Residents, including photo exhibition, physical exhibition and acoustic photoelectric exhibition.